Monday, May 4, 2009

Press Release : Councilmember Johnson to address the continuing problem of vacant, nuisance and abandoned properties within his district.

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Councilmember Jarvis Johnson, District B has scheduled a Press Conference for Monday, May 11, 2009 from 12:00noon-12:30pm at Spark Park, 3817 Pickfair to kick off his efforts to address the continuing problem of vacant, nuisance and abandoned properties within his district.

Joined by neighborhood and other civic leaders, Councilmember Johnson is introducing his plan to address vacant property in District B and to combat crime and vandalism to these properties. Councilmember Johnson added, “I want take pro-active measures to further ensure the safety of young children in my district whose schools are located near vacant properties and the elderly who have to live next door to them”.

Also joining Councilmember Johnson and offering a free demo of their products, is Vacant Property Security, Inc., who is opening an office in Houston. States CEO Francois Cureau,” Vacant Property Security is offering a FREE demo of its products to assist the city in its efforts to combat the crime generally associated with vacant and abandoned properties”. Last year, VPS also helped the City of Chicago to draft an ordinance aimed at reducing the crime issues associated with vacant and abandoned property there with very positive results.

Vacant Property Security, Inc. (VPS), headquartered in Chicago, is changing the landscape in some of the nation’s poorest, inner-city neighborhoods by installing their state-of-the-art security screens and doors. They work with municipal governments, public housing authorities and banks to secure vacant and foreclosed properties in Tampa, Philadelphia, Phoenix, New York, Chicago, New Orleans, Newark, Los Angeles, Detroit, Dallas, Cleveland, Buffalo, Baltimore and Atlanta.

According to VPS President and CEO, Francois Cureau, “we have been successful in changing the crime statistics in inner-city neighborhoods that have a disproportionate number of vacant and abandoned properties and make those neighborhoods safer for the families who live there”.


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