Friday, September 18, 2009

ARCES HOMES WATCH: Councilmember Jarvis Johnson and a coalition of organizations to host press conference today

Media/Community Advisory

The recent arrest of an individual reported to “possibly” have been responsible for a series of sexual assault/murders in the Acres Homes area is comforting. A wide coalition of organizations, elected officials, activists and residents have waited for years to find out what sick soul was responsible for such heinous crimes, terrorizing an entire community in the process. While we are awaiting DNA evidence to conclusively link this individual to these murders we want to send a strong message to the community of Acres Homes and the city of Houston in general, “DO NOT LET YOUR GUARD DOWN.”

A coalition of organizations will unite with Houston City Councilman Jarvis Johnson to walk the neighborhoods in Acres Homes in an effort to send a message that the “THREAT LEVEL” must remain at its height to prevent further victimization. We plan to pass out flyers containing information and instructions on how to “REMAIN VIGILANT” to protect women and young girls in the community. We must be certain that our community is not being misled in the name of “solving the infamous Acres Homes murders.” Please join us in sending this very important message.

WHAT: Press Conference/ Community Outreach Walk

DATE: Friday September 18, 2009

TIME: 3:00pm

ADDRESS: 1900 block of West Little York (across the street from Drew Academy)

For more information contact Deric Muhammad @ (281)865-8323 or

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