Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Council Member Jarvis Johnson officially announces he is running for Houston's 18th Congressional District seat

On Tuesday, January 5, Houston City Council Member Jarvis Johnson stood outside the historic George "Mickey" Leland building to announce that he is officially running for Houston's 18th Congressional District seat.

“We're going to have a frank discussion on who's capable of bringing and creating good-paying jobs for the people of the district,” said Council Member Johnson, who was joined by a host of supporters who stood behind him as he delivered his message to the local press.

In his statement, Council Member Johnson also noted the dismal unemployment and school dropout rates in the 18th District and declared "I have the energy. I have the youthful exuberance. I have the legs and the strong back to get out there and get the word out about what our campaign and candidacy is all about."

Council Member Johnson took the oath of office for his third term in City Council on January 4 and on that same day he went to the headquarters of the Harris County Democratic Party, where he filed to become a contender in the March 2 Democratic primary.

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B said...

I am looking forward to CHANGE I can believe in... That I voted for, but now jobs are drying up here in Texas and rumors have it that fuel and electric prices will "necessarily skyrocket" if the current leadership passes "Cap & Trade (carbon tax)". Much of Houston relies on the Oil & Gas business from refining, drilling, construction to shipping, and the book keeping and engineering that go along with it, we are tied to Carbon Based energy for the forseeable future.

The health care bill is looming and many employers are unwilling to hire fulltime employees until they can figure out the new costs and afordability of running equipment or hiring new workers and changing union issues.

On a national level, federally, how will you represent all the people of the 18th District diferently than the incumbent congresswoman?

Leona Davis said...

As seen on Channel 11 at 10 last night I would like to make a comment to you and also wish you well in your endeavors. Please be aware that many including myself did support Hillary Clinton. Congresswoman Lee decision to support Senator Clinton did reflect some of our support. With no disrespect to the current president. People like choices and do not want it taken for granted that color is a reason to vote for anyone. We are educating our children to make choices that they feel is RIGHT and FAIR on issues. As, a register voter I ask you to devote time on issues that affect the 18th district not WHAT you want or using the non-support of President Obama to win this seat.