Monday, January 26, 2009

"The Soda Cutback": Alicia Jackson's Fitness Challenge Update

(Blogger's Note: Alicia Jackson, a constituent of District B, has taken on the B Healthy Challenge with Council member Johnson. She will be sending in articles for this blog on her progress. Go Ms. Jackson!)

Hey District B:

Just wanted to update you on my progress. I have been getting more exercise. I even walked to my grandmother's house one Sunday afternoon instead of calling for a ride.

I have been eating fruit instead of candy when I want something sweet and have cut back my soda intake to 3 a week ( it was about 3 a day before ). I went shopping the other night and was able to buy pants 1 size smaller.

I'm still working on it. Hope you are too.

Alicia Jackson


Anonymous said...

Great! Go Alicia!

Anonymous said...

I am impressed by your courage.